Sinartis has an experience of more than twenty years in developing custom electronics for third parties in different fields. Choosing the right technology approach is important both for performances and for contaning the final cost of the product. In addition, an electronic application generally uses different technologies and so, another very important aspect is to take care to their integration in such a way to grant the best synergy and modularity.

MEMS, Inductive, Capacitive,
Magnetic, Optical etc.
Embedded Electronics
Embedded Processors for
on Board Processing
Wireless Communications
WiFi, Zigbee, NFC, BLE,
Sigfox, LoRa etc.
Internet Of Things (IOT)
Machine to Machine (M2M) Connection:
Things are Linked in the WEB
Motors Controls
Heat Ventilation Air Conditioning (HVAC) Technologies
Dedicated Real Time Processing
of Signals and Data
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