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Do you have an idea to improve your product adding electronics?


Sinartis  was founded joining two different technical groups: one working in the field of data communication and the other with a working experience in digital and optical signal processing in the aerospace industry.


Sinartis, with its electronic engineers staff, has the goal to apply the most recent technologies of electronics to application needs of customers in different business sectors such as industrial automation, medical, avionics, heat ventilation air conditioning (HVAC), IP communications, aerospace, domotics etc.


Sinartis supports its customers

along the whole procedure that from the idea leads to the electronic board production.


Depending on the electronic skill of the client, Sinartis can offer services for both consultation and electronic design, but also for production of the final product by means of its third party network of high qualified manufacturers of PCBs and electronic components mounting facilities.


The customer is free to decide to execute the whole or a part of the steps that from the electronics design end to with the production and certification of the product.


Sinartis' engineers know how examples:

  • IOT (Internet of Things).

  • Embedded Electronics.

  • FPGAs.

  • ARM processors and microcontroller.

  • Microcontrollers 8, 16,32 bits

  • Languages (VHDL, C,C++, C#, Python, VHDL, Java etc.).

  • Operating Systems (Windows, Linux, iOs, Android etc.).

  • LED illumination.

  • Displays (OLED, TFTs, LCDs etc.).

  • Wireless communication: Wifi, Zigbee, Sigfox, LoRa etc.).

  • NFC (Near Field Communication)

  • BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy).

  • Sensors (MEMS, inductive, capacitive, magnetic, optic etc.).

  • TCP-IP communications and protocols.

  • Motors (AC, DC, PMSM, BLDC, steppers etc.).

  • DCI Inverters for motor control.

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