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Sinartis, starting from  the customers' need, is able to execute all the steps from the electronic design to the product manufacturing, including the certifications needed to put the product  on the market of different countries.

Depending on the electronic skill of the customer, Sinartis can offer services at different levels from a simple consultation up to the final product production, by means of its third party network of high qualified manufacturers of PCBs and electronic components mounting facilities.


Sinartis' staff is formed by high level electronics engineers who are able to design any kind of electronic board in different fields.


Sinartis works in strict contact with the worldwide  electronic components distributors and manufacturers. For this reason, we are always up to date with the evolution of chips and electronic components and this allows Sinartis to be able to offer to its customers the best choice in the  market taking also into account the problems concerning  the rapid obsolescence of the electronic components.


Sinartis has a strengthened network of external high qualified PCB manufacturers and component mounting companies. We  take care  directly of all the manufacturing process both in prototyping and production phases




From the idea to production
  • Technical specifications definition

  • Cost analysis

  • Electronics design (schematics)

  • Build of materials (BOMs)

  • Printed circuit design (Gerber files)

  • ​PCB manufacturing

  • Mechanical design of cases

  • Hardware first prototypes manufacturing

  • ​Drivers & application firmware and software

  • ​Functionality tests in lab and in field

  • Environmental tests

  • Certification tests

  • Pre-production series

  • Documentation (design & production)

  • Production

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