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Sinartis was founded joining two different groups of engineers: one working in the field of data communication and the other with a working experience in digital and optical signal processing in the aerospace industry.


Sinartis,  by its high level electronic engineers, has the aim to apply the most recent technologies of electronics to the application needs of customers in different business sectors such as industrial automation, medical, avionics, heat ventilation air conditioning (HVAC), communications, aerospace, domotics etc.


Sinartis, by means of the know-how  and of strong experience of its engineers in the design, prototyping and production of electronics boards and systems,  is able to give an high reliable service  with the reduction of the time to market and the sure achievement of the objectives of the customer, both for the required performances and for the reduction of the final cost of the products.


Starting from  the customers' needs, Sinartis is able to follow the whole implementation procedure of the electronic product starting from the drawing of technical specifications. We can offer both a consultation and a complete electronic design or more, by means of our third party network of PCB  manufacturers and electronic components mounting companies, we are able to take care also of the  production of the final product. The customer, depending on his electronic skill is free to decide to follows all the steps or to stop at which level he wants.

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